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Our new kitty is here! Her name is Cookie, and she has FIV. We understand that adopting an FIV+ cat isn’t for everyone, but we encourage you to be informed about this disease, and support your local shelters that take care of these cats! Our Cookie plush is maintenance free and helps support less-adoptable kitties like her in real life! Half of your plush purchase will be donated to a cat shelter or rescue group that takes care of homeless pets.


Please read more about FIV!

Hi! I’m super excited you made an FIV kitty, and I actually just ordered mine. :) 

I wanted to clarify a couple of things as someone who has two FIV+ cats and one FIV- cat as companion animals though. 

As noted, most FIV+ cats live long lives if they’re properly cared for. 

FIV+ cats tend to be extremely docile. Obviously this may not always be the case, but having an FIV+ cat and an FIV- cat living together is fine the vast majority of the time (as long as they are spayed/neutered). If the cats do not get along, then it’s a problem, but since FIV can only be transmitted through deep bite wounds, it takes some serious, non-playful combat for an FIV+ to infect another cat. Bites like this are very rare in a domesticated setting.

If both of the cats are friendly and good with other cats, an FIV+ and an FIV- cat living together will be fine. And really, you shouldn’t be keeping together cats that seriously fight anyway (of course!). We have two FIV+ cats and one FIV-, and they’re best friends.

Of course your FIV- cat should be a 100% indoor cat as well, because you wouldn’t want to risk them bringing infections inside. 

I think the no FIV+ cats with FIV- cats stigma does cause some FIV+ kitties to go unadopted, so I wanted to clarify as someone with a lot of experience with these kitties!

Here’s a couple of good sources- 1, 2

I’m so glad to hear you have both an FIV+ and An FIV- kitty! Of course in cases like yours, it is possible, I am just recommending the safest possible option for everyone. Use your own discretion, I just can’t recommend something that would possibly put someone’s cat at risk, even if the risk is very small.
Every kitty is different, so just make sure that no matter what you guys do, make sure to be well informed and do what’s best for your kitties!

I’ve personally heard many stories of FIV+ cats living together with FIV- cats :) Thanks for the additional info!



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I’m Adam.

-And I’m Emily.

We make “funny videos” on the Internet.

-But soon, we might not be able to.

That’s because…


…net neutrality is in jeopardy. Net Neutrality is the principle that says ISPs can’t discriminate between different types of…